Visit to Bedford Congress Hall, March 2016

The reputation of the Salvation Amy Wind Ensemble preceded their visit to Bedford Congress Hall. We were not disappointed, as the concert progressed with music that both excited and blessed the listener. We were reminded from the start by the Ensemble’s musical director Andrew Mackereth that, the evening, besides being a musical experience would also be a spiritual one. The response of the audience to the items as they were presented bore out to the success of the Ensemble on both points.

Bedford Congress Hall

The applause that greeted the scintillating playing of their opening item Glorious Service (Barrie Hingley) was equally met with a reverent silence as we were reminded of the words associated Michaels Babb’s arrangement of Lead Kindly light. These contrasting emotions were evoked as the programme continued with Wilfred Himes Joyful Celebration, Norman Bearcroft’s Just Like John arranged by Kevin Horner for the wind Ensemble. Andrew Mackereth’s arrangement of the Beatles song Here, There and Everywhere, Demonstrated the versatility of this fine group of musicians. The evening concluded with an arrangement of Let the Children sing (Alan Laken\Andrew Mackereth) of the Singing Company song it is a thing most wonderful too wonderful for words. Bedford Congress Hall Songsters supported throughout.

Theo Armstrong
Bedford Congress Hall