Visit to Horsham, October 2013

The people of Horsham were fortunate to receive a return visit from the Salvation Army Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SASWE) for a programme music and witness on Saturday 5th Under the theme of ‘God On Our Side’ SASWE presented an evening of contrasting musical arrangements closing with ‘Let the Children Sing!’ an arrangement by Andrew Mackereth of the music of the late Alan Laken, founder member of SASWE who has family connections with Horsham.

SASWE at Horsham

The Bible message, given by Peter Bale brought together thoughts from the words associated with the music focusing on how God reveals himself to be alongside us and helping us overcome even when the challenges seem insuperable.Congregational singing to the rousing accompaniment SASWE provided was highly enjoyable and the audience also appreciated the relaxed, entertaining style of Musical Director, Andrew Mackereth, who was an excellent compѐre.

SASWE at Horsham

The vote of thanks was given by Horsham band leader, Mervyn Tarrant, who confessed that, as a dyed in the wool brass band enthusiast, his expectations of the evening’s music had not been high. How wrong he was! Mervyn is now a complete convert to the excellent witness and enjoyment provided by the musical arrangements for woodwind and brass which SASWE perform to such a high standard. It would be unfair on other Corps who haven’t yet had the pleasure for Horsham to ask for SASWE to visit again soon but it would be wonderful.

Isobel McFarlane
Horsham Salvation Army